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Women who are looking for this sort of style will want smart jackets, fitted trousers and good quality blouses. So when you are thinking about wholesale shoes you will need to decide what goes with the shoes you want to stock. Sometimes we women want to just look smart but casual, perhaps for shopping and a coffee date with our women friends.

Pretty shoes are great if this is the case. Any heel height will do, since it is all about comfort but it is important to look attractive and so this is an occasion to wear our favourite shoes.

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Ballerina flats are appropriate, team them with trousers and semi-fitted shirt. Or how about a knee-length skirt and a cardigan with cute flat shoes? In summer wear medium heeled sandals, cropped trousers and a little t-shirt for a great yummy mummy look. When you go casual, really the variety is endless.

Whichever style of shoes you are considering buying, it is worth thinking about the sort of clothes you stock and the styles that go with them. Check out the fashion blogs to see what women are wearing and the shoes that go with the styles they have, this way you can be sure that your customers are going to like the styles you pick.

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At Stylewisedirect. Sure, it was a time of liberation; there was the pill, which enabled women to have sexual freedom, and there was the music of course.

Everyone was singing about love and freedom. Money was plentiful, the economy was doing well, jobs were easy to come by. The future looked rosy and the fashions were fabulous. Skirts were short, often very short! Everyone was back-combing their locks as much as they could, spraying their hair to make it stick, and going out on the town.

The most flattering shorts of the summer - and how to wear them

For many people they are a welcome sign of economic buoyancy. When it is a time of recession, skirts get longer. So when the wholesalers start to reflect the trend for short skirts , then the feeling is that there is a time of affluence. But do not despair.

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This combined with an A-line dress would have been a big fashion yes. You can see similar styles when you check our wholesalers such as Stylewise Wholesalers. The price of fabric dropped as fabrics with nylon in them became readily available and with that colour flexibility increased. Because the fabrics were colour-fast, there was no restriction on which colours could be easily produced. So fashion welcomed all colours, the brighter the better. Psychedelic patterns were all the rage and block colours in wildly bright colours were fashionable too. Teaming black and yellow was a risk before nylon fabrics came about — with natural fabrics the colours could run too easily.

But colour-fast fabrics meant that anyone could wear any colour and so they did! Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, became a fashion icon and women everywhere followed her style. Boxy jackets and pencil skirts with back-combed hair made a real statement.

Of course, flat heels were also fashionable, again, this made it easier for women to move about, and since they were getting jobs, entering the workplace, which involved travelling more and being out of the house more, all important steps towards emancipation. When you want something that is completely in style and really attractive then you could look no further than a crochet pantsuit.

Heavy Shaper Zip Legging

Obviously you need to be slender to wear this sort of garment. There is nothing at all attractive about flesh popping through the holes of a crochet pantsuit. But if you are a slim, small busted woman that wants to make sure she gets her share of attention, then a crochet pantsuit is just the thing that will get you the attention you deserve.

Another important thing about wearing a pantsuit, you will need to have good legs. In fact, a pantsuit has the effect of making you look taller and elegant. You can get crochet pantsuit in many different styles of leg. Wide legs are good for proportioning hips, so if you are slender but you feel your hips are larger than perhaps they should be, then you might find the flared leg has a balancing effect.


If you are not worried about any part of your body then you could go for a narrow leg pantsuit. Unless your pantsuit is lined, then you must remember that a crochet pantsuit is see-through. So be sure to wear adequate underwear!

If you are wearing a light coloured unlined crochet pantsuit you might want to wear skin coloured body suit underneath. If you want to be really revealing then you could wear a pantsuit that is crocheted with nothing underneath. Probably this would be better worn at home for your partner rather than out and about.

When you dress up for a guy, it no longer seems to matter if you are in clothes that would ordinarily look great or not. Just the fact that you have bothered to dress up for them seems to be enough. It is one of the oddities of life. One thing you will need to wear a garment like this is confidence! There is no point in wearing it if you are not percent confident about your body. It seems most of us are not that body confident so first of all if you are then congratulations! If you are a retailer that wants to include crochet pantsuit as part of your range, then you will need to be targeting younger women who can wear this sort of thing.

These are best to be bought is size 6, size 8 and size 10, perhaps with a few higher sizes. You can get these in a range of colours, cream is popular, and of course you can never go wrong with black. Buy body stockings in the same colours which will be popular to go underneath. Bold statement jewellery is important for clothes like these, so stocking some will surely be a good plan. Shoes that go with a crochet pantsuit include flat heels for narrow legged pantsuits and high heels for wide leg pantsuits, so keep that in mind when you are choosing which clothes to stock.

When you can provide everything a woman needs to go towards the perfect outfit then you will keep them coming back time after time. Some products come along and then just never go away again, and leggings are one of those things. Leggings are elasticated lycra trousers that fit right next to the skin.

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Because they have lycra they stretch with the bodies movement, they are very comfortable. Originally worn by dancers and athletes, they allow full movement and do not restrict the body in any way. So, why would anyone wear them? Who likes leggings? The answer is in fact most women can wear leggings and look great. If you are slim then wear leggings with anything you like — women wear them with crop tops for jogging and running. They look great with most tops, even blouse type tops with pulled in hemlines.

Wear them with a long t-shirt, something that covers up your bum and thighs.

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You can wear black leggings which look slimming on bigger women, and then team it with a bright top. Nothing looks worse than women wearing too tight leggings and a tight t-shirt, you can see the waistband of your leggings and that horrible muffin-top look, with tummy on the top and bottom of the leggings. But if you want to look glamorous, then you can wear a glitzy top and plain coloured leggings and add some snazzy shoes. That look will make you look really pretty and keep you comfortable.

You can dance all night long and not worry about your clothes. If you are a plus size woman then make sure you wear leggings that fit you.