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This treatment targets offenders with an elevated risk of reoffending. Non-residential Sex Offender Treatment Program Non-Residential treatment consists of outpatient groups meeting times per week for several hours. Program completion takes months. The Bureau offers this moderate intensity program at several institutions, listed below. Participants learn basic skills and concepts to help them understand their past offenses and to reduce risk of future offending.

This treatment is offered to offenders evaluated to have low to moderate risk of reoffending. Psychology staff can further explain the programs and assist volunteers in requesting treatment. Offenders typically participate in sex offender treatment in the final three years of their incarceration. People of color have also challenged, under the disparate impact theory, employer policies of discharging persons whose wages have been garnished to satisfy creditors' judgments.

If you believe you have a claim for illegal discrimination due to your felony record, and after having read the information above, call Orlando Garcia, Intake Supervisor, or Krista Watson, Program Manager, , at the Phoenix EEOC office. If you know of a company that has a blanket policy to prohibit hiring ex-felons, please contact one of the above persons at the EEOC. For many years, we at Middle Ground have been suggesting to state government officials that there needs to be a "one stop" location for released offenders to visit in each county in order to obtain ID, driver's licenses, duplicate social security cards, sign up for AHCCCS, etc.

In addition, we believe that bus tokens and a telephone calling card should be provided upon release. Also, inmates need to have health care needs taken care of prior to leaving their prison unit, especially if they have chronic health care conditions or are taking medication for serious mental or physical needs. NEXT, let's deal with the reality of prisoner employment and re-entry. Target Stores and government agencies in California are no longer asking about a felony conviction on their employment applications.

This will have the net effect of avoiding the secret but almost automatic exclusion of felony offenders from the interview process. The California practice has come about as a result of legislation pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown. We hope to encourage Arizona legislators and the Governor to seek similar legislation here. They cannot, however, control private employers. Therefore, we encourage customers of various stores to encourage management to "ban the box" within their company.

The defense attorney rarely thinks about it, much less knows about it. The prosecutor doesn't care. What is "it"?

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The collateral consequence s of a felony conviction. Denial of jobs. Housing restrictions. Ineligibility for certain government loans or grants. Ineligibility for military service, holding certain public offices. The list goes on. We refer to it as the "mark of Cain.

The Arizona Board of Fingerprinting can conduct a "good cause" exception hearing if you are initially denied a fingerprint clearance card for a certain job, but some crimes preclude a fingerprint clearance card altogether no exceptions. Sexual abuse of a minor; sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult; incest; first or second degree murder; sexual assault; sexual exploitation of a minor; sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult; commercial sexual exploitation of a minor; commercial sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult; child prostitution as prescribed in ARS ; child abuse; abuse of a vulnerable adult; sexual conduct with a minor; molestation of a child; molestation of a vulnerable adult; a dangerous crime against children as defined in ARS However, at all times that the person is working, they must be under "direct visual supervision" of other personnel who have "valid" fingerprint clearance cards.

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See a lawyer who is experienced in this area of the law. If you are willing to do the legwork yourself, we can instruct you how to go about obtaining this form once it is filled out by the agency making the determination of your level of notification sometimes this is both the ADOC and a police agency. You will have to call us at or send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We have assisted several ex-offenders to obtain a copy of the form on the basis that they disagree with the assignment of a Level for notification. We believe this completed assessment tool should be available to you anytime you ask for it, but the Dept. Level 3 is the highest, which includes notifying the media and others of your address and posting your photo in the neighborhood and in the media. The purpose of the law is to provide "quick tracking" of sex offenders.

Also, the law ratchets up the penalty if a sex offender fails to annually update their photo and address with the Motor Vehicle Divn. The penalty formerly was a Class 1 Misdemeanor; now it is a Class 6 felony. In addition, the law requires sex offenders to affix or sign an electronic fingerprint to a previously-mandated statement required by DPS. This statement asks the offender to identify all the names that he is known for, their address, their physical location of their address, and their post office box.

Persons from other jurisdictions who register as sex offenders in Arizona are also required to provide blood or other bodily samples for DNA testing Arizona's offenders already do so. He was under the impression that if he did not disclose these acts, he would be terminated from the treatment program and recommended to the court for revocation of his probation supervision.

When he confessed the behavior, the counselor reported the confession to police authorities, and the police interviewed his daughter the crime was several years old, but the statute of limitations does not begin tolling until a crime is reported who confirmed the molestation. Instead, their rules prohibit ONLY those sex offenders who are subject to "lifetime registration requirements. You must establish standards that prohibit admission to federally assisted housing if any member of the household is subject to lifetime registration requirements under a state sex offender registrationn program.

In the screening of applicants, you must perform necessary criminal history background checks in the State where the housing is located and in other states where the household members are known to have resided. Before doing anything, check to see if YOU are subject to "lifetime" probation. Some sex offenders may not be. In California and Oregon, for example, they have a "Certificate of Rehabilitation COR " which permits a sex offender to stop registering, so if an Arizona sex offender moved to one of these states and obtained a COR, you might be able to stop registering.

However, as with any issue which could affect you legal rights, you should consult a lawyer for assistance. Some old code offenders in Arizona pre have been erroroneously sentenced to "lifetime" probation when, in fact, the date of offense limits their exposure to probation for up to five 5 years maximum.

If your crime was committed prior to January 1, , and you have been sentenced to lifetime probation, you may with to have someone with legal expertise check to insure that you have been sentenced to the correct amount of time for probation supervision. Call Donna Hamm for a fee quote. Here are some resources. We will add to them as they become available.

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In fact, if you call one of these numbers and learn that it is no longer accurate, please let us know so we can update this site. City of Phoenix Housing: E.

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Jefferson Community Housing: N. Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter Generally speaking, most large apartment complexes have "Crime Free" mandates which are not considered to be discrimination or against the law which prohibit them from renting to those with felony records. Don't waste your time with them. Instead, purchase a copy of a Sunday newspaper and study the apartment rental section, looking for "mom and pop" rentals, which may including a duplex, a room and board situation, or other arrangements.

Be prepared for several rejections. In our experience, you just have to keep trying. You WILL eventually find an apartment owner who will give you a chance. In the alternative, you may find an apartment owner who won't ask about your criminal history or who won't check on it. Next, we've found that if you check "Craigslist. Sometimes he has no inventory at all of apts.

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You can mention that you obtained his reference information from this web site. Finally, due to the very negative things going on in the housing market, keep in mind that if you rent a house or condo from someone, it is possible that the person who owns the property could be subject to foreclosure if they don't pay their mortgage with your rent payment. If your landlord suffers foreclosure on the property in which you are living, you will be evicted, and it will be legal to do so.

In some cases, you won't be able to "locate" your landlord to try to obtain return of your deposit money or any rent refunds due. ASK outright if the mortgage payments are currently up to date. Ask to see proof of this claim, if possible. Check whatever public records may be available at the county assessor's office to see if the properly has recently or ever been in foreclosure proceedings. Most ex-offenders have enough difficulty raising the money to pay for first and last month's rent, plus deposit. Phoenix Single Women's Shelters.

Church on the Street: 24th St.

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Gift of Mary: S. Phoenix Single Men's Shelters. Church on the Street: W. Van Buren House of Refuge: E. Ursula Phoenix Rescue Mission: S. Streets of Joy: E. Devonshire Phoenix Area Family Shelters. The Bridge: W. Northern Avenue Homeward Bound: 29 W. Thomas Interfaith Labor's Community: N. La Mesita: W. Main Street Mesa Salvation Army: E. Save the Family: W. Vista Colina: W.