Obama birth certificate rumor origins

In sum, the NBCNews. That sounds like a deliberate attempt to write around the issue.

Did Clinton Supporters Start the 'Birther' Movement?

His comments at the debate made very clear Blumenthal was pushing the rumor privately —behind the scenes. Actually, the former McClatchy News Washington bureau chief offered considerable details in claiming the campaign did just that. Donald Trump cannot distract from the fact that he is the one who embraced and promoted the birther lie, and bears the responsibility for it.

But in a sworn affidavit, the late Christopher Hitchens claimed he used that very word to him while trying to discredit Lewinsky. The relevant facts about Sidney Blumenthal—dating back to the late s—are suddenly not fit to print. Go figure. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. This is despite a number of surrogates saying on the campaign trail that Obama was born in the U. The next day, Trump, speaking from his new property in Washington DC, reiterates his belief that Clinton started the birther movement, but concedes President Obama was born in the United States.

I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States period. Now, we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. All rights reserved. Interested in Donald Trump? Donald Trump. Add Interest. Trump realDonaldTrump September 23, Trump realDonaldTrump August 6, Trump realDonaldTrump September 13, All others lived — Donald J.

Trump realDonaldTrump December 12, Trump realDonaldTrump September 6, In discussing Ukraine whistleblower, Valerie Plame calls her own outing 'devastating'. January-like air set to descend upon eastern half of US. Stopgap spending bill will harm military readiness, modernization efforts: Pentagon.

Wisconsin authorities: slaying victim IDed, arrest made. Hong Kong protesters blame police for death of university student. Plane crashes into Southern California home, killing pilot. Heineken becomes latest brewer to ditch plastic six-pack rings in UK. More than 2 million pounds of chicken products recalled, may contain metal.


Commerce Department officials knew Weather Service not trying to contradict Trump. The Note: Bloomberg scrambles frozen Democratic race. Democrats discussing multiple articles of impeachment against Trump. Steyer's Iowa campaign political director denies money for endorsements claims.

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Pompeo dodges difference between his comment and former adviser's sworn deposition. Exactly how this reconciles with the USA's rather straightforward jus soli policy as stated in the 14th amendment is something of a mystery, especially given that if Law of Nations was truly the law of the land, it would be regularly cited in court cases; considering Vattel was a proponent of "natural law" and the founders worked from English common law, this is a pretty big gap.

The more legal-minded birthers, on occasions, fall back on the Naturalization Act of in their argument of what constitutes a natural born citizen. In particular, the clause:. Obama traveled to Pakistan, back in , to visit family. The Birthers insist that travel to Pakistan in was not possible using a US passport and therefore Obama must have been traveling using another passport — presumably from a country with strong Muslim ties. Of course this is rubbish; there were no restrictions in force at the time.

Another attempt at denial of Obama's citizenship attempts to make the claim that Obama is not eligible because Obama's stepfather Lolo Soetoro had enrolled young Obama as "Barry Soetoro" in the Indonesian school system, listing him as an Indonesian citizen, and because his mother renounced U. Aside from there being no proof of Ms. Dunham renouncing her citizenship, the young Obama would not have been affected even if she had. Furthermore, Mr. Soetoro's incorrectly listing his stepson's citizenship as Indonesian on some school forms would obviously have no effect on the latter's actual U.

In supporting case law, Perkins v. Elg , U. There is a spreading of the idea that Obama has attended Columbia University as a foreign student in However, several sources, including Snopes , state the "proof" involves a card layout that did not exist in , and in fact has been manipulated from an I.

A scan of Lugert's I. The card with Obama has several tell-tale signs of forgery, such as bad quality, the fact that the cross on the crown in the background has been slightly mutilated, and the text "Foreign Student" does not align properly with the purple band.

Mentioned less frequently is a "controversy" regarding Obama's Social Security Number SSN , notably that his SSN indicates that it was issued to someone born in Connecticut, not Hawaii — ergo, it must be stolen and Obama must be an alien imposter! Here there is a kernel of truth that has been blown out of proportion.

SSN's issued between and were indeed linked to geography — specifically, they were linked to the postal ZIP code of the person's mailing address at their time of registration.

How Donald Trump Perpetuated the 'Birther' Movement for Years

Obama's does indeed appear to indicate it is linked to Connecticut; however, when Obama registered with Social Security when he was 16 which was normal until the mid-to-late s, when children started being automatically registered right after birth , he was living in Honolulu, which has a ZIP code of — one digit off from Danbury, Connecticut's In all likelihood, it was a simple clerical error. There are also claims that he is using someone else's SSN; these are usually based on erroneous info from public records databases e.

At least a half dozen lawsuits against the President have been tossed out of court, but on 20 January , Orly Taitz and Gary Kreep, two of the birther lawyers most opposed to Obama filed a lawsuit on Inauguration Day. They issued press announcements saying the judge was brave in the face of political heat to accept the case and now birthers would be able to prove their case.

First Lady slams Trump's past Obama 'birther' rumor

Their purported goal in going to court was to defend a couple of military activists encouraged by birthers who refused to ship to the Middle East on the grounds the orders did not come from a legitimate Commander in Chief. As usual, the birthers made many accusations and offered conspiracy theories hypotheses, but provided no evidence. Taitz and Kreep asked for a court order demanding Kenya produce Obama's birth certificate.

The judge reasonably pointed out that even if such a document existed, a subpoena from a US judge would be meaningless in a foreign country. The judge noted the soldiers had no problem taking orders from Obama until they were ordered to ship out, when suddenly they developed doubts about the authenticity of his birth in Hawaii. When they got their days in court, birthers mostly uttered political rhetoric and after a few days, the judge ran out of patience, saying they'd presented no evidence, merely accusations.

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  • Kenya: Authorities Release Barack Obama’s “Real” Birth Certificate.

The disgusted judge severely criticised their lack of evidence and dismissed the case. As of January , over two hundred cases regarding Obama's citizenship had been brought to court. In every case, the birthers lost. The birthers made over one hundred appeals, but every appeal was denied. Representative Bill Posey has sponsored a bill, H. In April the Arizona State House passed a bill requiring everyone running for President of the US in the state to prove their eligibility for the office. The fact that nobody objected to his candidacy would indicate that being born on US possessions or military installations overseas is good enough.

Also, even if the Canal Zone was not a US territory or military base at the time, McCain's parents, both of whom were US citizens, would have conferred their citizenship to McCain regardless, by jus sanguinis "right of blood".

Sid Vicious has long history of terrorizing those who stand between Clintons and power

George Romney, governor of Michigan and the father of Mitt Romney , ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in George Romney probably had the most cut-and-dried case against his constitutional eligibility of anyone on this list: he was born in Mexico. His U. The issue was occasionally raised during his campaign, but since he lost the nomination to Richard Nixon , he never had to face a court challenge to his eligibility.

The Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, was born in in Phoenix, Arizona Territory, which was not a state until Republican President Chester A. Arthur spent his one term presidency dogged by rumors that has was born in Canada. Arthur was born 2 October , in a small town 5 miles outside Fairfield, Vermont.

His family moved around a lot and often lied about the year he was born.