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On day 3, my transmission went 90, miles.

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Transmission replaced, then the compressor went the next day. Please help! Any ideas? Hi, the P code is for a emmission leak The next time I put gas, I tighten that cap down as good as it could go and a few days later the engine light came up again. After researching online, it's a typical problem. I am trying to figure out how to reset the light myself along with a couple more problems I have locks.

I wouldn't take it back to the dealer because they were so sh. I have since placed a complaint to the company about my last visit to the service dept they called me for my opinion a fews days after the trip and am waiting back to see whats happens. I have a 05 Touring with 32, miles and I have been having little issues that are just popping up.

There are a number of things that could cause the P code in the EGR circuit. The immobilizer issue is likely the more pressing of the two, as that will prevent the engine from running. My airbag light comes on a few minutes after I start the car and remains on. It even beeps sometimes. Would anyone have any idea why this light would come on? It's not the light that sits on the middle of the dash that shows when the passengers side airbag is de-activated. It sits near my check engine light.

SOLVED: 93 lincoln town car (cartier) check engine light - Fixya

I am getting code P which inidicated gas cap as well. Did you ever find out how to reset the warning light? I'm out of warranty and don't want to pay for a visit if I can do it myself. Assuming no other problems, the light should go out after several drive cycles. Otherwise, you could disconnect the battery for a few minutes and hit the brake pedal to drain the system. Plug it into the car, read the codes, and then clear them. You can use it any time you get a check engine light and, after using it a couple times, it will have paid for itself versus taking it to a shop for diagnostics.

The reader process takes less than a minute. It will display the code and allow you to reset them. You can find out what code means at any one of a number of on-line sites. Check engine light came on 3 weeks ago but van runs fine. Getting code P Does anyone know what this means?

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Thank you. I read to turn the key off 3 times but where do you find the codes to read? Is it how many times the check engine light blinks? I am having major issues and need to fine out what the heck is wrong!!!! Where you normally see the mileage is where the code will appear. Good luck! There is no code appearing where the mileage is. Don't some codes go by how many times the check engine light flashes after doing the key thing?

How many times do you have to turn it off and on for it to show codes? Thanks in advance!!! After 3 or 4 turns of the key the code will appear. I'm going from memory of my '94 DC. I think the process was to turn the key to the on position and back off, 2. At that point, the CEL should start blinking the diagnostic code. There's a series a quick flashes with a longer pause between the sets. Each set is a digit, determined by the number of flashes in the set.

One that I know that works is: 1 Fix whatever the problem was that kicked out the error code in the first place. You don't have to start the engine, just turn the ignition key until it get's power the 5 times. NOTE: I kept on starting up the engine after I cleared the code about 10 times expecting the engine light to go off but it never did until I drove the van for a few miles. There must be some combination of engine start ups and driving distance requirements before it'll go out but this combination worked for me.

Good Luck. Could anybody tell me what codes ,, and mean? My minivan seems to running fine. Angryowner08 Posts: 1.

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It's front wheel drive. I did the ignition self diagnostic on-off thing and the Check Engine light blinked 5 times. This P. Is there a permanant fix or should I tell the dealer we are paying for it to shove it where the sun don't shine? We feel stupid for buying this :lemon: that came gift wrapped. It is the gas exhaust recirculation sensor.

January Could someone help me with what it means? My wife's oil light is staying on Hmmm, if it is not low, then my first suspicion would be oil pressure. It might be worthwhile to hook a pressure gauge up to it rather than relying on the dummy light. Possibly the clock spring in the steering column under the wheel. There was a recall on them, but do not know if your year is affected by it. Mine is a and my light came on suddenly, and my horn stopped working.

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Just took it to a dealer today and had it changed. Picked it up at 4pm and drove home. No more airbag light, and the horn now works. BUT driving home, :sick: I turned the wheel while braking, and making a left turn, and the radio died then came back on, but the stations had been wiped out of the memory settings! Anyone else have this problem or hear about it? Hook up a oil pressure guage the kind with numbers on it to it and watch it for a while as you use it to see what the pressure does.

It is possible your oil pump is on it's way out!

Happened to me, and I learned the hard way. I have 65, miles on it. Last night my check engine light came on and the van would not down shift as I drove. This morning, it seems fine, shifts normally. However, the light is still on. My error code is P Can anyone tell me what this means? Thanks in advance Brandy. From Wikianswers. Hi- we have a town and country touring van that pretty much everything has been replaced including transmission last year right around 59, miles..

Now they tell me my gas cap wasnt on tight enough. It clear fluid, no odor so Im assuming its condensation?? The check engine light came on. I was told that it may be a problem with the gas cap.

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I changed the cap and things were fine for about miles. The check engine light came on again. The code that comes up on my car is for an evaporative emmission code. Does anyone know what is wrong. My mechanic can't find it.

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They checked all vent tubes and cleared out the codes. The engine light came on again. Does anyone know what may they may be? Will this cause the car to brake down. I'd hate to go to Chrysler and get ripped off. Thanks for any assistance. Captain IBC.

Are You Experiencing a Blinking Check Engine Light?

Thanks for the info. Code: P - Fuel pump driver module off-line. It is not rare to have a random cylinder misfire on a Lincoln.